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Starcyl Air Cylinders is a proud member of the NFPA Association.
Starcyl Air Cylinders Products Overview
Here is a list of Starcyl USA's Pneumatic products. The quality of our products is unmatched thanks to the famous Starnite process, reputed for it’s superior durability and strengh.

Pneumatic Products Listing
IsoMetric Series
ISO/VDMA - VDMA 24562, DIN/ISO 6431 & ISO15552

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Star 1 Series
Space Savers Square Line, Multistage & Upgradable

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Star 2 Series
Space Saver NFPA Style Mount

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Star 3 Series
Interchangeable NFPA

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ST3RL Series
NFPA Rod lock cylinder

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Star 4 Series
Interchangeable NFPA (Heavy Duty Pneumatic – light duty hydraulics)

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M3 Series
Multistage Cylinders - NFPA Style Mount

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Space One Series
Space Saver air cylinder

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