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Starcyl Air Cylinders is a proud member of the NFPA Association.
Starcyl Air Cylinders ST3RL Series
Interchangeable NFPA Rod Lock Series
  • Precision Operation Maintains Accurate Positioning
    The ST3RL series of Rod Locks guarantees accurate positioning and provides precision holding while other operations are performed. The Rod Lock engages without causing any rod displacement, and also features extremely low backlash during operation, making them ideal for precision applications.
  • Large Clamping Surface Ensures Consistent Performance
    The ST3RL line is designed with a large clamping surface that provides uniform force to the rod contact area on every engagement. The clamping mechanism utilizes numerous ball bearings to reduce friction and has close to a 3,000,000 cycle life.
  • Spring-engaged Units Engage in Power-off Situations
    Starcyl’s Cylinder Rod Locks are spring-engaged, so they operate even in power-off situations to promote safety for operators and machinery. The fast response time of these spring-engaged products also increases positioning accuracy.
  • Sealed to Withstand Harsh Environments
    Every ST3RL Rod Lock is sealed to protect internal components. These seals are designed to withstand even harsh wash-down environments and are IP67 rated (exceed NEMA 4X rating).

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