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Starcyl Air Cylinders is a proud member of the NFPA Association.
Starcyl Air Cylinders Star 6 Series

The first hydraulic cylinder corrosion resistant
available with all parts Starnite Process (optional)
Outdoor resistant and to caustic washdown

Star 6 Series Heavy duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Removable Gland
  • Externelly removable with std tools (hex flats).
  • Cast iron Starnite gland for wear and friction. (Starnite Process)
  • Rod seal is a double lip soft urethane for low friction and long life.
  • Rod wiper to wipes dirt out and clean any oil film from the rod.
Piston Rod (chrome shaft also available)
  • High strenght aloy steel (SAE4140)
  • Better lubrication retention.
  • Starnite process, hardness of min 70Rc (Out-performs chrome shaft for corrosion resistant by 20:1).
  • Environmentally friendly compare to chrome.
Head and Cap
  • Machine from medium carbon steel to provide concentricity for the tubing and other parts (available in Starnite).
  • Heavy wall steel tubing honed.
  • Starnite (available upon request) to resist wear on the inside of the tubing (70 rc). Corrosion resistant (no paint).
Tie Rods
  • High strength tie rods made from 100 ksi min. Steel.
  • Starnite (available upon request). Corrosion resistant (no paint)
Stepped Cushion and Adjusment Valve
  • Machine from steel with steps for maximum performance for reducing shock.
End Tube Seals
  • Pressure actuated o rings.
  • S.A.E. ports are standard.
  • Cast iron piston with wear ring and 2 lip seal u-cup in soft urethane.

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