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Starcyl Air Cylinders is a proud member of the NFPA Association.
Starcyl Air Cylinders Unique Process: The Nitro-Carburization
The NITROCARBURIZING process improves component properties.
High wear resistance, as well as excellent sliding and running properties, is obtained through NITROCARBURIZING treatment. The service life of cylinders parts is extended. The finish created by the NITROCARBURIZING process is a lustrous black.

During the process, witch takes place at 1075 F, the metal surface is enriched with nitrogen and carbon. A two part nitride layer consisting of a monophase compound layer and a diffusion layer is formed. Total depth ranges from 0.008-0.040", depending on composition of the base material and treating time. Hardness in the compound layer ranges from approximately HV 700 (60 Rc) to about HV 1600 for high alloyed tools steel. As part of the salt-bath nitriding and QPQ sequence, finish-machine parts are polished and chemically processed to produce a highly corrosion-resistant surface with a finish suitable for bearing or seal-type applications.

Environmentally and economically Save.
Great concern exists in North America community regarding many critical materials because of North America’ reliance on metals that are not native to this continent. Some 91% of the chromium used here is imported (9% balance from recycling). The NITROCARBURIZING process provides at least a partial solution to this problem and because it is not a plating or a coating but in the steel itself the process offers superior performance.

Corrosion resistance developed by the NITROCARBURIZING QPQ technique out performs 12-micron (.0005 in.) chromium electroplating by ratio up to 20:1, and 20 micron (.0008 in.) nickel plating by a factor of 8:1.

Chromed plated cylinders NITROCARBURIZING Process on cylinders
Chrome plate can flake and blister. Superior corrosion resistance.
Flakes and slivers will destroy seals and glands. Improved wear resistance.
  Better lubrication retention.
Loose chrome will cause massive leaking and rapid system failure. Dent resistance without induction hardening.
  Environmentally friendly.
Chrome lacks dimensional uniformity. No surface pitting, flaking, or hydrogen embrittlement.
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