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Starcyl Air Cylinders is a proud member of the NFPA Association.
Starcyl Air Cylinders Star 3 Series
Interchangeable NFPA Series
  • Aluminum Construction.
  • Flush mount standard (gives the option to the distributor to reduce stock).
  • Cushion standard (no adders).
  • 9 bore sizes 1½ to 10" and others.
  • Stock strokes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12") for 1½ to 5" bore.
  • Strokes available to any practical length.
  • 18 standard mounting styles (Nitrotec Clevis Mount).
  • Oversize and Double Oversize Rod.
  • 250 PSI.
  • NitroCarburizing treatment on rod (20 times better than chrome) (up to 65 Rc).
  • 4 rod end options.
  • Piston design with wear ring to protect the cylinder tube against small side load.
  • Extra impact noise reduction.
  • Stainless steel head, cap, rod & tie rods available as an option with SS tubing for food industries or chemical environment. (MIN QTY)
  • Real competitive pricing. (The best price on the market)
  • And we do custom cylinders for OEM. Large Rod Diameter 3"-4", Ajustable Stroke, S.S. Needle Valve Ajustment, Delrin Gland, etc.
  • Also available:


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Non-Rotating Mounting Style
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